Testimonial from Leigh Branham, author of The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave:

"The Retention Institute certification program can deliver immediate ROI to an organization. It provides an opportunity to measurably increase the rate of employee retention, reduce turnover-related costs, and protect the knowledge critical to business growth. This program is not just about reading and test-taking. It's about following a systematic process based an experienced-based understanding of turnover dynamics, and proven steps for preventing and correcting turnover."

Employee Retention Certification (CERP) Program Information 

  • Learn the 3 principles and 7 strategies of The Rethinking Retention Model
  • Overview the outline of the projects required for CERP Certification

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The Employee Retention Challenge

Today’s CEO knows that in the 21st century, human capital is a major strategic asset and a key to competitiveness. Indeed, in a recent  study, top executives from 1,000 leading companies said their greatest staffing concern was retention, and they said so during the current recession. These CEOs understand that good workers can find better jobs in any economy.

Employee turnover: the sinkhole in your company’s productivity

The Retention Model<sup>SM</ Pyramid

Executives also know that although turnover spreads significant costs throughout the enterprise, accounting practices make these costs invisible. We report sales, service, and quality improvements or deficiencies in hard dollars yet we report turnover in numbers and percents.

The irony is that failing to reduce turnover leads to failure to reach sales, service, and quality goals, damaging productivity and reducing competitiveness.

The Corporate Executive Board places the cost of employee turnover as high as “200 times annual salary for certain positions.” But even if your lowest-level workers cost just $4,000 to replace and absorb their lost productivity, aggregating this cost for a full year likely produces a total cost number in the hundreds of thousands or millions, a number that would stagger most executives.  

Whatever your number is, it’s the sinkhole in your company’s productivity, a major drain on profitability, a challenge to HR management and a critical speed bump in the road to competitiveness.

Reduce employee turnover – increase competitiveness

To answer the challenge, Employee Retention Expert Dick Finnegan has crafted The Rethinking Retention ModelSM, a research based, process-driven approach to improving employee retention. Process-driven means business-driven— applying the same methods to retention as companies do to sales, service, quality, and safety. Each of these business essentials is driven from the top with accountability, recognition, consequences, and skill-specific training.

Now, through The Rethinking Retention ModelSM, these processes are being applied for the first time in a six-stage strategy that employs the very best retention practices related to recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, managing, and coaching.

Welcome to The Retention Institute and the path to increased competitiveness for your company, together with increased professionalism for yourself or a key employee as a Certified Employee Retention Professional (CERP).

Retention Institute Founder Featured in BusinessWeek

Employee retention is now being called one of the biggest concerns for the executive suite as global economies recover and top talent gets tempted to new opportunity. With the Retention Institute, CEOs and HR executives concerned with the high costs of turnover in their companies now have a new set of tools at their disposal to slash those costs significantly.

The Retention Institute offers key HR executives and other professionals an online certification program designed to dramatically reduce turnover, improve productivity, and enhance competitiveness resulting in substantial ROI. Retention Institute founder and renowned employee retention expert Dick Finnegan was featured in BusinessWeek at the following link: