Testimonial from Leigh Branham, author of The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave:

"The Retention Institute certification program can deliver immediate ROI to an organization. It provides an opportunity to measurably increase the rate of employee retention, reduce turnover-related costs, and protect the knowledge critical to business growth. This program is not just about reading and test-taking. It's about following a systematic process based an experienced-based understanding of turnover dynamics, and proven steps for preventing and correcting turnover."

Employee Retention Certification (CERP) Program Information 

  • Learn the 3 principles and 7 strategies of The Rethinking Retention Model
  • Overview the outline of the projects required for CERP Certification

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New Tools Combat Employee Turnover

The Retention InstituteSM increases companies’ competitiveness with process-based solutions

Peterborough, NH

CEOs and HR executives concerned with the high costs of turnover in their companies now have a new set of tools at their disposal to slash those costs significantly – and to introduce a new level of professionalism to their organizations. The Retention InstituteSM offers key HR executives and other professionals an online certification program designed to tame the turnover tiger, improve productivity, boost careers and enhance competitiveness.

Based on the Rethinking Retention ModelSM developed by retention expert Dick Finnegan (www.TheRetentionFirm.com), the tools and their processes bring program participants together with executive managers to apply the proven strategies and tactics leading to improved retention for the company and certification as Retention Experts, entitled to add the CERP designation (Certified Employee Retention Professional) to their names. The Retention Institute has also applied for status as a provider of SHRM re-certification credit.

“The most important feature of this program,” states R.D.Whitney, founder and CEO of parent company Tarsus Online Media, “is that candidates will not only learn the absolutely most effective employee retention techniques but as part of the certification process they will apply them directly to their organizations in real time, for real results. Candidates then become retention champions who bring successful retention strategies to other parts of the organization, repaying the certification investment many times over.”

Unique to the program are the Retention Model’s process-driven solutions which deal with employee turnover in much the same way as companies currently manage sales, service, quality, safety and any other aspect of running the enterprise.

Additional information, including a Free copy of  The Rethinking Retention ModelSM, and chapter 1 of Finnegan’s book, “Rethinking Retention in Good Times and Bad” (Davies-Black Publishing, 2009), is available through the Institute’s web site. For questions and additional information visit the website at www.RetentionInstitute.com or contact Ernie Hinderliter at .

About Richard Finnegan

As President of Finnegan Mackenzie, The Retention Firm, Dick Finnegan is recognized by executives across people management professions as the leading thinker and advisor on employee retention. Dick has worked with scores of clients across 6 continents on employee retention solutions in industries including healthcare, energy, manufacturing, and financial services. He is the author of Rethinking Retention in Good Times and Bad, available now through SHRM.



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